Offering Window Re-Glazing and Glass Installation for Your Home in Billings, MT

Offering Window Re-Glazing and Glass Installation for Your Home in Billings, MT

American Glass, Inc. wants to make it easy to replace and repair windows for your home. Whether they are double pane or storm windows, we offer a wide range of window services including glass installation, repair, replacement, and re-glazing. You choose the service or enhancement and we'll make your windows dazzle. Our glass professionals will help you find the perfect window enhancement to fit your panel and style.

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Window Re-Glazing

Window Re-Glazing

Due to the fact that windows weaken over time, you can lose energy through cracked and broken seals on windows that are aging. If your windows have a seal leak, you may see a milky appearance or condensation under the panes. Our team of window experts can re-glaze your windows and make them function like new again, saving energy and money.

Double Pane Windows & Repairs

Installing or repairing double pane windows is something that should be done by professionals due to the size, weight, and complexity of the process. At American Glass, Inc., we have years of specialized training and hands-on experience working with double pane windows. If we can fix your windows, we're happy to do that and will always offer that option before suggesting glass replacement.

Storm Windows

To protect your home by keeping the harsh weather elements out, we offer a wide variety of storm window and doors. Call us for a custom quote today!

Window Screens Include:

  • Fiberglass Screening
  • Sun Screen
  • Tuff Screen
  • Wire Screen
  • Pet Screen

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