Restore Your Windows Without a Hassle

Restore Your Windows Without a Hassle

Reach out to us when you need window repair in Billings, MT

If your window has been damaged, get in touch with American Glass, Inc. We can repair any problems with your window pane. Our window repair services are comprehensive and affordable. By the time we're done, you won't even be able to tell your window was ever broken.

Sometimes replacing your window is a good idea even if it hasn't been broken. There are other issues you might be dealing with. Let us know if you notice your window:

  • Fogging up
  • Collecting moisture
  • Letting out too much heat
  • Showing scratches

Contact us today to set up a window repair in Billings, MT.

Secure your business with our commercial window repair services

Break-ins do a lot of damage to your business, both in what trespassers take and what they damage. If you leave your window broken like it is, you could be dealing with even more theft and property damage down the line. Get the commercial window repair you need right away.

We'll replace your commercial window pane with strong glass that holds up to the elements, as well as the general strain of a settling building.

Call 406-652-3020 now to request commercial window repair in Billings, MT.